Marty Hale Floydada Goes Wi-Fi

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Marty Hale Floydada Goes Wi-Fi: Said to be first wireless city in West Texas

LUBBOCK – It might have looked like students at the Floydada High School and Junior High campuses were up to no good.

But they were just working.

When Floydada Superintendent Jerry Vaughn saw students late at night outside the school, he soon realized they were trying to get access to the campus’s wireless Web services.

It showed serious demand, and because of it, the whole town now has wireless access to the Internet.

Blue Moon Solutions, a wireless network development company for municipalities, made the entire city of Floydada – population 3,500 – accessible to wireless Internet, also known as Wi-Fi.

The wireless access makes Floydada extremely savvy in a world where communities are slowly implementing Wi-Fi. In fact, it might now be the most advanced town of its size when it comes to the Internet.

“Floydada is not only the first in West Texas to have it, but they’re in the top 10 in Texas to have it,” said Marty Hale of Blue Moon Solutions.

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