Marty Hale WiFi system proposed for Alpine residents

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Marty Hale WiFi system proposed for Alpine residents

A Lubbock businessman, Marty Hale, presented a proposal to the Alpine City Council to develop a “Municipal Mesh Network” for the city at their Tuesday meeting.

Under the proposal, the city would underwrite the financing for a “redundant system” that would continue to function if one means of transmission was lost, such as a cable cut, as happened Jan. 29, when most of the area was without telephone or internet service for several hours.

With a “redundant system,” service by satellite or other transmission media would continue working, according to Lubbock’s Blue Moon Solutions CEO Marty Hale.

A “WiFi” (Wireless Fidelity) system uses multiple data collection devices and would allow transmission of internet, telephone and other data services. Under the proposal, Blue Moon would initially provide communications for public safety, emergency response and public utilities, and additionally offer internet, telephone (including international long distance) and television to the public.
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